In efforts to assess baroreflex and cardiovascular responses in rats where

In efforts to assess baroreflex and cardiovascular responses in rats where substance P (SP) or catecholamine transmission have been eliminated we studied pets after bilateral injections in to the nucleus tractus solitarii (NTS) of SP or stabilized SP (SSP) conjugated to saporin (SP-SAP or SSP-SAP respectively) or SAP conjugated for an antibody to dopamine–hydroxylase (anti-DBH-SAP). or catecholamines in baroreflex transmitting neither is confirmed for the reason that NK1R colocalizes with glutamate receptors. Therefore neurons with both are dropped when treated with SP- or SSP-SAP. Furthermore, lack of catecholamine neurons after treatment with 6-OHDA will not impact cardiovascular control. Therefore, the effect from the poisons may depend with an actions of SAP in addition to the ramifications of the SAP conjugates on targeted neuronal types. proteins in the nucleus tractus solitarius in response to physiological activation of carotid baroreceptors. Neuroscience. 1995;69:249C257. 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